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The Winners of the 2010 HK Prize

hk prize

A team from Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post has won the gold medal at two sets of prestigious international awards for its infographic story “Life in Hong Kong’s shoebox housing.” The South China Morning Post staff includes graphic designers Marcelo Duhalde, Kaliz Lee, Han Huang, Adolfo Arranz, Dennis Wong and reporter Fiona Sun. The story is a part of the Post’s ongoing project to shed light on the lives of Hong Kongers in subdivided flats, known as slums.

The article is an important contribution to the development of HK studies, and demonstrates that a cross-disciplinary approach can be effective in exploring a subject as complex and contested as Hong Kong. It reframes the question of how to define slums and highlights the role they play in social cohesion and the development of Hong Kong society.

It is a well-known fact that the Chinese regime’s repressive tactics against Hong Kong activists are alarming and must be opposed. Activists such as Joshua Wong, Cardinal Joseph Zen, pro-democracy legislators Jimmy Lai and Alex Chow, and Tiananmen vigil organizer Gwyneth Ho have displayed civic courage and extraordinary leadership in the face of mounting threats to their safety and democratic freedoms. They are the embodiment of the peaceful aspirations of millions of people who yearn to see their autonomies and way of life safeguarded at a time when Beijing has been making unprecedented efforts to undermine Hong Kong’s long-cherished autonomy.

They are also a source of inspiration for countless people on the Chinese mainland who cannot freely express their views. We therefore strongly support the nomination of these six individuals for the Nobel Peace Prize. We believe they are deserving of this honour for their courageous actions in the face of grave violations of human rights.

The winners will receive a cash prize of up to HK$40,000 each, and be presented with the award certificate at a ceremony later this month. The winner of the best essay will receive a cash prize of up to $10,000 and an ICAS book prize, while the winner of the best graduate thesis in Hong Kong studies will be awarded a HK$10,000 scholarship to undertake further research into Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Film Awards, or HKFA, is an annual award ceremony established to recognise the best achievements in the local cinema industry. It is a part of the Hong Kong International Cultural Festival, and is run by the HKFA Association Ltd. Since 1993, the HKFA has been a non-profit-making organisation with a membership of over 250 members. The HKFA is the world’s first and only professional organisation that focuses solely on the Hong Kong film industry. The HKFA’s mission is to promote and protect Hong Kong film culture. The HKFA is one of the most prestigious film awards in Asia, and has become a global ambassador for Hong Kong. The HKFA is a founding member of the International Cinematography Society (ICS). ICS was founded in 1927 by renowned filmmakers, actors and directors to represent the interests of the film community around the world.

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