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The Hong Kong Prize

The Hong Kong prize is an award that celebrates the best film, television and other forms of media work produced in Hong Kong. It is one of the most prestigious awards in the industry and is sponsored by Hong Kong Film Awards Association Ltd. It is managed by a board of directors that includes representatives from 13 professional film bodies in Hong Kong.

The winner of the HKFA is selected by a first round of election in January, followed by a second round of voting in February and March. Voting is open to registered voters, which include local film workers and critics as well as a selection of professional adjudicators.

During the nomination process, nominees are judged on their ability to promote social change through the art of filmmaking, their contribution to Hong Kong’s creative community and their artistic quality. Nominations are submitted to the HKFA via online forms and are reviewed by an independent review committee.

Nominations for the HKFA are opened to all registered voters in January and February of every year. They are then reviewed by a panel of professional adjudicators before being judged by a jury of film experts.

The prize is worth a total of HK$10 million, divided into two separate lucky draws. One is for fully vaccinated Hongkongers, the other is for employees of Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited, the sponsor of the prize.

In addition to the prize money, the winners will receive an Apple iPhone 12 and a SmartOne 5G service plan each. In an attempt to encourage vaccination among citizens who may not be able to afford the cost, the prize was formulated by Adrian Cheng’s New World Development Company.

A number of NGOs will also be involved in the selection process, which will include Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, LC-HKS, the Society for Community Organization and St James’ Settlement. Each NGO will select a group of Hongkongers, who will then be given a subsidy worth $1,000 each to help cover the costs of vaccination.

Each HKFA winner will also receive an invitation to attend the annual Hong Kong film festival and be awarded a certificate and cash prize. The HKFA will also give out awards for outstanding performances by members of the jury and honorable mentions to films that did not win the prize.

The HKFA is held in January and March each year and is open to all registered voters, including film workers, critics and members of the thirteen professional film bodies in Hong Kong. The HKFA is a competitive award and all nominees are subject to rigorous review by a selection of professional adjudicators, who are required to adhere to the judging criteria and ensure that they have been unbiased in their evaluation.

The HKFA is a competition of international prestige and has been a popular and influential prize since it was established in 1993. The HKFA is run by the HKFA board of directors, which includes a selection of professional adjudicators and representatives from the thirteen professional film bodies in Hong Kong. It is considered to be the best film award in Asia and is the most important annual event in the Hong Kong entertainment industry.

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