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Singapore Prize Finalists

The Singapore Prize is awarded for an outstanding publication that has made a significant impact on our understanding of the history of Singapore. The Prize is open to books and other creative works with clear historical themes, and may be written in English (authored or translated). Nominations are accepted for works published between 1 June 2021 and 31 May 2024. Founded in 2014, the Singapore Prize was mooted by Professor Kishore Mahbubani and sponsored by a private philanthropist, who donated S$500,000 for an endowment fund to support it.

The first prize was given to archaeologist Prof John Miksic for his book, Singapore and the Silk Road of the Sea, 1300-1800. Miksic’s research shows that Singapore began to exist much earlier than previously thought, and that it was already a port city as early as the 13th century. He also reinterprets historical documents to reveal how the idea of a new port for the spice trade took shape in Southeast Asia.

Professor Mahbubani said this work was “a monumental achievement that has changed our view of our own history and its role in the world.” He added that he hoped that the Prize would encourage further study of Singapore’s past. He also praised the finalists, calling them “the best of the best” in their respective fields.

This year, more than half of the finalists were shortlisted for the prize for the first time, with a mix of seasoned and emerging writers. Among them are Tamil writer rma cureess, who won two awards in the Tamil fiction and readers’ favourite Tamil categories.

All finalists received S$3,000 in cash and a commissioned trophy, as well as a 12-month gift code for StoryTel. They will also be invited to a public lecture and a screening of their winning entries at the National Museum of Singapore in October.

During the gala event, judges also selected a jury special mention and an audience’s choice winner in each category. The award was presented by NUS President Tan Kheng Hua and Epigram Books co-founder Lee Yong Seow.

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