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Learn the Basics of Dominoes and How to Play With Spinners


Did you know that dominoes are family of tile games? Each rectangular tile in this family has two square ends, marked by spots with a specific number. Players take turns placing dominoes on the board to score points and win the game. There are various rules to domino games. To learn more about this game, read our article. You will find out about the basic rules of dominoes and how to play with spinners.

Basic rules of dominoes

Learning the basics of dominoes is an essential part of playing this game. The basic objective of the game is to match all the pairs of tiles with the same doubles. To do this, each player must play a tile with the opposite end. The first player to play a tile with a double must place it in a diagonal position on the board. When one player is down to their last domino, the other player must play the matching tile.

Sets of dominoes

Dominoes are a game of strategy, which has several variations. Standard sets contain seven dominoes, double-seven sets, double-eight sets, etc. Nonstandard sets may contain more number tiles, such as double-eleven or double-twelve. Moreover, you can also find double-fifteen and double-seventeen sets. These varieties have different color patterns, making them ideal for large groups of players.

Scoring in dominoes

If you play dominos, you will know that the game of dominos has several different rules. Each game has a set number of points, usually 61. A player scores based on how many dominoes he has placed in his opponent’s hand. If a player matches a pair of dominoes, he scores one point. In team games, the goal is to score as many points as possible in the same amount of time.

Spinner dominoes

The fun of dominoes has been brought back in a new way with the creation of Spinner dominoes. This is the only domino game with wild dominoes that play as any number. Spinner is a combination of the Double 9 Domino game with the unique wild Spinner dominoes. Developed by Dr. and Mrs. Edna F. Smith, Spinner was designed as a fun twist on the traditional game.

Origins of dominoes

The history of dominoes is multifaceted. Originating in China, the game was first played by the Chinese during the 13th century. Chinese dominoes were created to represent all possible throws of two dice. They are also called “dotted cards” because they have no blank faces. The game has various forms, including trick-taking games, and the earliest known Chinese domino series dates back to 1120 AD.

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