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Gambling Types – Problem Gamblers, Adolescents, Social Gamblers, and Sports Traders


There are various forms of gambling: Problem gamblers, Adolescents, Social gamblers, and Professional gamblers. We will cover the three types of gamblers in this article. It is a common mistake to assume that all gamblers are the same. However, there are many differences between these four types. If you or a loved one is a problem gambler, you should seek help as soon as possible.

Problem gamblers

Among the most common risk factors for problem gambling, age is one of the most prominent. But other risk factors include poverty, lack of formal education, growing up with one or more parents with addictions, and working class background. Gender and migration background are no longer significant risk factors. However, having a family history of gambling or substance abuse is important for preventing problem gambling. Problem gambling can also affect one’s finances and relationships.


One-fifth of adolescents engage in gambling for money. More than a quarter of them gamble a few days a week. Most of these adolescents started their gambling habit at a young age; 22 per cent reported that they gambled for money for the first time at age eleven. One-fifth of the surveyed adolescents report that gambling affected their mood, while two per cent report engaging in self-harm due to their addiction to gambling.

Social gamblers

While the term “social gambler” is often used to describe people who enjoy gambling, it can also refer to a more serious type of gambler. Social gamblers usually consider gambling to be their primary source of relaxation and entertainment, and spend many hours at betting venues. In addition, social gamblers prioritize other obligations over their gambling habits. Because of this, they are often regarded as “addicts” by others.

Professional gamblers

A subgroup of professional gamblers is sports traders. These gamblers use their knowledge of their favorite sport to make informed bets. These investors are similar to stock market analysts, who use complex mathematical equations to make their decisions. Professionals in this subgroup can earn a good living without ever meeting a bookmaker in person. It can be profitable but is also highly risky. But it is not for everyone. Here are some tips for sports traders.

Illegal gamblers

While it has been proven that illegal gambling is associated with high levels of gambling-related problems, little is known about the characteristics and behaviors of these people. In Israel, for example, there are no casinos and many forms of gambling are banned. A comparative study of these two countries’ illegal gambling rates may help to better understand the problem. It is important to identify the reasons why people gamble and to develop a policy that will address their specific needs.

Other forms of gambling

While the laws prohibiting most forms of gambling vary from country to country, there are many exceptions. For example, horse racing is inherently associated with gambling, and some games are illegal under certain conditions. Some types of gambling, such as slot machines and casino games, are not illegal in any jurisdiction, but some do. In addition, many sports have laws that prevent gambling. But there are many ways to make money through gambling, and there are many different forms.

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